Plastic Brains

May 28, 2021


The brain is simply an organ full of fat noodles and some bizarre juicy electric mysteries, isn’t it? At least, thats what this master control muscle may generically seem like to us. But, did you know this amazing quantum computer can literally be rewired not unlike downloading the new iOS update for your iphone?

Through a process known as neuroplasticity, neurons(wires) in the brain and gut associated with any specific emotion, memory, habit, body function, and conscious or unconscious thought pattern can be changed according to our environment and intentional intervention. Every time something is learned, a new set of wires / neural connection is made. Or disconnected if breaking habits.

With any habit or memory there is a specific neural net (a group of neurons associated with that specific thought or body function). So there are programs/neural nets for: riding a bike, your first broken-heart, ability to fight infection, beliefs around money or love or anger etc..

Long-term beliefs create big files and a lot of neural connections. But, when you decide to break the pattern, by no longer running the old thought or habit, the program is disrupted and neural nets break their connections. Making it impossible to run the same program again! Similar to scratching a vinyl record produces a skip in the song.

Knowing this empowers us with the ability to change our mind on a mental-physical level.

On the mental-biological level, we then have the ability to influence the production of new chemical messengers called neurotransmitters, more specifically neuropeptides (specific signaling hormones produced in the brain and gut) which deliver messages for current and next generation healthy cells.

Literally rebuilding our body from the inside out!!!

How do we Start ?


The conscious mind is our critical thinking center. The CEO. Where we get to make aware decisions, our waking state. 

With our conscious mind we are aware of roughly 126 bits of information per second from our environment.


The unconscious mind is the domain of all the workers running the body, the stored memories, habits, instinctive reactions, beliefs, core values, and identity.


With our unconscious mind we are aware of roughly 2.3 million bits of information per second from our environment.


Lets look at how we process information and then create our behavior.


We receive information through our senses: Visual(see), Auditory(hear), Kinesthetic(feel), Olfactory(smell) and Gustatory(taste). It then passes through our Filters where it is


Distorted, Generalized or Deleted according to our memories, beliefs, values, and identity. This creates our Internal Representation of the event. Which creates our internal emotional state. Which creates a physiological response. Which creates our behavior.

So the actual external event will produce a different internal representation in everyone due to the fact that we all have different filters.


As you can see, behavior is an external response to our Internal Representation. So, if behavior is caused by the Internal Representation, why spend so much time trying to change behavior? Doesn’t it make more sense to work on changing the Internal Representation by updating the Filters?…….. YES!

Similar to a fruit bearing plant, we know that if the fruit is not sweet and healthy the problem is not the fruit (behavior). Sometimes the problem is with the branches (emotional state). Sometimes with the trunk (internal representation). More often the problem started in the roots (beliefs system, values, identity).

Identity has certain values to uphold. Values have certain belief systems.

Beliefs have certain behaviors. Behavior has predictable results.

Real change happens on all of these logical levels. And just like healing the tree, the deeper we go into the unconscious filters the more efficient and comprehensive change we can make. #neuronsthatfiretogetherwiretogether


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