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 Happy Coaching Clients

Barry is a powerfully gifted guide - you'll be wondering where he hides his wings

-Nichole Y.

 "My name is Tim Reynolds and I've been  a musician for 40 plus years. Over the years I've had back issues, and more recently elbow and foot issues. I started seeing Barry about 7 years ago, and he always has a way of identifying physical and emotional things that are insightful and very helpful on dealing with the issue at hand.

     Barry has truly remarkable healing skills, and really understands deeply the human body, in all it's physical/mental/spiritual interactivity. I always come away from each session feeling better already. Magical."

TIM R. / Musician


 "I injured my back in 2011. Every year for the following three years, the day of my original injury, my back would go out! And I don’t mean it hurt and I would take Advil and feel better. I would experience full radiculopathy in both legs and searing pain any time I would move. It was so bad I could barely walk. In 2011, I herniated three lumbar vertebrae. The pain I would experience every year after that was exactly the same. It would last for three days and would subside. Never to be felt again until the following Oct 29th.

     I mentioned this to Barry during one of our sessions. I had been seeing him for a few other issues, but until that day, it had never occurred to me to ask him about it. I was shocked and amazed at what happened after that! He was able to take my memory back to what had happened the year BEFORE I had sustained my back injury. 

     Oct 29th, 2010 had been an extremely emotional and traumatic day. He was able to connect that trauma with my reoccurring back pain! He was able to use his work to help me clear out the emotional injury. From that day on, I never had a problem with my back going out!

His work is truly amazing! He is incredibly talented and passionate about what he does! I highly recommend working with Barry! The results are amazing!"

Lauren L. / Massage Instructor/Therapist


My TBI returned and had me down for 6 weeks, Barry had me on the road to recovery after one session

-Randy S.

"If you ever get a chance to take a class from Barry LaPlante, I strongly recommend him!  He makes all the techniques very understandable and keeps the class progressing at a good pace.  He helps us realize how very useful coaching is for everyday life, to integrate as part of a bodywork/holistic practice, or even to do it as full time work.  I wish I would have learned this technique years ago!!"

Debrah H. / Massage Therapist


"There are no words to describe how amazing Barry LaPlante’s Kinesiology services are.  I’ve suffered from hip pain since a marathon in 2007.  I’ve tried different work outs, massage therapy and diet changes.  Finally, I went to Barry.  After three sessions- yes, three- I have full, pain-free, movement of my legs and hips, no pain and six months later it is still gone.

     Beyond the physical, he also helped me work through some other emotional and anxiety-related barriers to achieving my goals.  Through affirmations and kinesiological processes he helped me get past the blocks I was having.  I’ve now turned in everything I needed to for the next steps and am waiting for the next phase.  These were goals that have been waiting over a year to see progress, and after just two additional sessions to the first three which healed my hips, they are now in the processing stage and all I have to do is wait for the next steps.

     I can’t recommend his services enough.  They have radically changed me physically, emotionally and mentally, with the added benefit of success in my goals."

Shae P. / Non-Profit Manager


   "I had my first session with Barry after I had a series of “unexplained” illnesses.  First in August I came down with pneumonia, not just pneumonia, but a strain my doctor said is usually only seen in the elderly and patients with extremely depressed immune systems.  That December I got Shingles.  I was only 27.  I thought shingles was something I couldn’t get- but boy was I wrong.  So when my doctor said he had no idea why I was being affected with these illnesses, my boss suggested I go have a session with Barry.  It was the best advice I ever took.

     Barry did a series of muscle testing and within an hour came to the conclusion that I had been looking for.  My body responded drastically when he tested for heavy-metal toxicity.  My fillings in my teeth were leaking.  Through a series of supplements and having the mercury fillings replaced- I have been without any serious illnesses since.

     I wholehearted believe that had I taken the medical route with my doctor, I would still be going through testing with no conclusive results.  Instead I have been able to treat the cause of my issues and not just the symptoms.  It’s been life-changing.  Through our sessions we have also been able to address some emotional issues I didn’t even know I was struggling with.  The sessions I’ve had with Barry have led to some of the best healing I’ve ever experienced.  I am forever grateful to him and his practice."

Noelle W. / Massage Therapist